What we do and how we do it.


Angle Park offers a full range of exhibit media services. We don't always perform each task for each project, but at every stage, we connect your ideas with your visitors' experiences.

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Media Strategy and Design

media strategy, System design, budgeting

Sometimes we enter the process early on, providing media strategy to help determine which content is well-suited for media installations. Whether or not you have a formal interpretive plan, our experience with all forms of museum media and technology will help you confidently choose the very best way to approach your exhibition’s storytelling.

We’re also available for system design. We’ll specify A/V technology and develop exploratory budgets to aide your planning, design and fund-raising tasks.

Exhibit Media Production

films, interactives, Immersive spaces

We’re best known for tightly focused films, animations, and digital interactives, but we also create soundscapes, atmospheric and environmental installations. 

We offer the full arc of content development services. We’re comfortable starting with a blank slate or helping museum partners bring a high degree of polish to existing concepts.

Our collaborations with museums have received 10 MUSE Awards from the American Alliance of Museums.


A/V Tech Consulting and Sales

Specification, integration, testing

We don’t always provide A/V hardware, but no matter who does, in the planning stages we’re available to assess your technology spec. We’ll confirm it will work well for your space and audience.

If we do provide your exhibit’s technology, we’ll acquire, configure and test the full inventory in our shop, providing “proof of concept” documentation and fitting samples if needed.

Installation and Service

expert installation & after-the-sale service

We’ve provided expert installation services for single kiosks and 20,000 square foot galleries, all across North America, in newly constructed and renovated spaces. 

After installation, we’ll be there for you. We’ll train staff and provide manuals and warranty materials. We’ll help set up standard procedures such as daily walk-throughs, regular maintenance, and what to do if something goes wrong. If you have trouble with a component, we’ll respond quickly to troubleshoot and formulate the best response to get it back up and running for your visitors.